Workshops for English-speaking parents / Parentig Classes

This school year I would like to invite the English-speaking parents in Warsaw to a new series of workshops:

1.  „10 Key Parenting skills”

This is an introductory workshop to the whole series. It addresses the issues that truly need your attention if you want to help your child succeed in life as they affect your child’s:

  • sense of happiness;
  • physical health;
  • sense of security;
  • strength and quality of their bond with you;

You will be given an opportunity to put to the test your present assumptions regarding what counts in parenting against the analyses of 50 years of research on the subject and a study of 2000 modern families from many countries. Are you directing your efforts towards the right goals? Or are you missing something that evidently affects your child’s behavior  and your relationship with her? Come and find out in an interactive and fun way!

2.  „How Can Parents Boost Their Children’s Self Esteem”

Low self esteem in children is an issue frequently brought up by parents in a psychologist’s office. It frightens them because they hear from many sources that it determines the person’s ability to cope with life’s challenges. According to these opinions people with a healthy or high self-image will be successful while those with a low self-esteem will usually be unable to reach their potential. Unfortunately, this popular knowledge finds its verification in scientific research.  These studies also confirm, that about a third of adolescents struggle with poor self –image. Sometimes it passes, but in more serious cases it can result in anorexia, depression, conduct disorder or self-harming. It is also highly correlated with teenage pregnancy, delinquency and poor academic achievement.

Thus, during this workshop, I will show you how self-esteem develops, how it manifests itself in child’s behavior, and how you - as a parent - can influence it.

3. „How to Set Real Rather Than Mock Boundaries So That Your Child Can Feel Safe and Competent” 

Parental frustration following many repetitions of the same rule is rather universal. Few parents have managed to avoid it. What do they do that their children listen to them and seem to be quite happy at the same time?  The workshop on setting boundaries reveals this parenting secret.

4. „How to Raise Responsible and Self-Reliant Children 

During this workshop I will try to demonstrate what really hides behind the notion of „consistency” in parenting. and what the benefits of being consistent - to parents and to children - are; Then, we will go from creed to deed: I will take you step by step towards implementing consistent parenting into everyday family life.


The workshops have been designed and will be presented by Małgorzata Rymaszewska, M. Psych., Child, Adolescent and Family Therapist; Director of „Rodzice i Dzieci” Psychotherapeutic Centre for Families and Children in Warsaw,

PLACE: Your school's or company's premisses

COST: 1500 PLN/2 hours

REGISTRATION: please call M. Rymaszewska directly at 691 562 520