Parenting Book Club

Parenting is easily one of the most rewarding and one of the most frustrating endeavors we can experience in our lives.  Parenting without a support network, without advice, encouragement and additional education makes this endeavor EXTREMELY exasperating.  With this is mind, we have decided to start a parenting book discussion group. This group is designed to offer a structure within which you may explore alternatives in parenting styles, learn new and up to date ideas and techniques to parent with the best possible information.  Opening a dialogue between parents about situations pertinent to the developmental challenges and obstacles of children allows us the freedom to explore alternatives.   This group is intended to give you - the parent - an opportunity to read about issues relevant to your child and your relationship with your child, and share your insights and ideas with other parents.  Past participants have commented that these book discussion groups were helpful because:

• They learned that by educating themselves, they become better, more informed parents
• They began to see patterns of behavior in their children
• They understood that “behavior does have purpose”
• They developed alternative parenting styles
• They learned a lot about developmental milestones and what was “within normal limits” for  their child
• They learned skills about how to deal with these different problematic and frustrating issues
• They learned that they were not alone  

The group will be facilitated by professionally trained and licensed therapists who will be available to offer guidance for particularly difficult situations but the focus of the group remains on the sharing of information between parents.

The upcoming parenting book club will begin in February 11, 2009 and run through May 2009. Meetings will be held one Wednsdays of each month from 09.30-1100.  Participation will be limited to 10 persons; first come first serve. Cost per session is set at 40 PLN

We will try to have a few copies of these books available but we would recommend you obtain these books in advance this summer.  Knowledge is power.  As parents, the more information we have the better and more informed choices we can make in the best interest of our children.

If you are interested in participating in a book discussion group, or you have an idea for a great book, please contact:

Malgosia Rymaszewska at 691 354 114 or
List of proposed books:

The Good Enough Child. How to have an imperfect family and be perfectly satisfied, Sachs, Brad
Siblings without rivalry. Faber, Adele and Mazlish, Elaine
Playful Parenting,  Cohen, Lawrence
The Price if Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids, Levine, Madeline