Izabela Banasikowska English


dr Izabela Banasikowska, psycholgist, psychotherapist

I graduated in psychology from University of Warsaw, speciality in clinical child psychology. I completed a five-year-lasting PhD studies at the University of Warsaw and a course in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Centrum Terapii Poznawczo-Behawioralnej in Warsaw, , organised by Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (www.octc.co.uk), Centrum Terapii Poznawczo-Behawioralnej (www.ctpb.pl) and Polskie Towarzystwo Psychologiczne (www.ptp.org.pl).

As a member of Children's Psychiatry Association of Children's Hospital in Litewska Street in Warsaw. I practiced at Children's Psychiatric Hospital in Krośnice. I published several articles on bed-wetting in childhood.

For last couple of years not only have I been diagnosing psychological problems, but also have I been a therapist for a few diagnostic and therapeutic centres. I work in association with the British and American Schools in Warsaw in the matter of IQ and specific learning disorders diagnosis. I also conduct workshops for psychologists and pedagogues.

I am under regular supervision of certified therapists, as well as cognitive-behavioural therapy supervisors. I work with children, youth and their families.